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Texas Association of Original Doll Artists, a group of artists creating individual works of original figurative art including one-of-a-kind dolls and costumed sculptures, is dedicated to promoting dolls as art. This group of professional artists showcases  original figurative art in polymer clay, cloth and paper clay, creating one of a kind original art dolls suitable for display in galleries and private collections. 

TAODA Artists

Texas Association of Original Doll Artists members create a wide variety of one of a kind dolls, using fine art techniques including sculpting in polymer clay, paper clay and cloth, plus costuming, painting and design. Their storytelling through original art dolls brings joy and whimsy to viewers and collectors, showcasing the art doll as the original collectible that it is. Details about our talented figurative doll artists can be found on the Doll Artists page, with a showcase of their individual art dolls found in our Galleries – Our Member Artists pages.

Figurative Sculpture - Polymer Clay Dolls, Cloth Dolls, Paper Clay Dolls

TAODA doll artists work in many mediums, including polymer clay, paper clay and cloth. Many of the dolls combine two or more mediums to create original one of a kind figurative art pieces. These original art dolls tell a story, sure to delight the viewer.

Membership in Texas Association of Original Doll Artists

Membership in TAODA is open to both Artist Members and Associate Members. Doll artists are invited to submit an application highlighting details of their work in original doll making, including how long they have been creating one-of-a-kind dolls and in what medium their art dolls are created…polymer clay, paper clay and cloth are only a sampling of materials doll makers utilize in creating their figurative art; original doll artists using any medium are invited to submit applications. Membership applications and TAODA Bylaws are available for download under the Join tab.

Shows and Exhibits

Texas Association of Original Doll Artists member artists have the opportunity to participate in multiple shows and exhibits each year, including gallery openings and art events. Art doll collectors will find new figurative sculptures and works by each TAODA member doll artist at these shows, allowing them to add to their collections of one-of-a-kind dolls. Check our listings of current plus past and future shows in the Shows & Exhibits tab, plus find photos of pieces from the exhibits on our Galleries – Shows & Exhibits page.

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