Jack Johnston

My name is Jack Johnston, I have been a doll maker, instructor, author, marketer and manufacturer since 1989.  I joined the doll makers of the world because of my love for the arts and to make a living for me and my family. 

Bachelor of Fine Art from Brigham Young University, 1970

Founded Johnston Original Artdolls in 1990

Founded the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild in 1993

Founded the ProSculpt Clay Company in 1996

Founded www.artdolls.com in 1997 to Present

Served as President or CEO of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild from 1993-2016

Serve as the CEO Emeritus of the PDMAG (Lifetime appointment)

Produced 15 full length educational films on doll making

Produced six educational books on doll making

Served as contributing author for scores of national and international doll magazines

Received the “Crystal Award” for industry leadership in 2008

Received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for leadership and support to the industry in 2014

Received the “25 Year Leadership Award” from the PDMAG in 2016

Retired in June of 2016

Life Member of TAODA

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